Property Management


Property Management

Every kind of property needs uninterrupted attention, active control and efficient management, at all times of its presence. The client tends to invest in real estate anywhere across the world for business expansion, residential property or any other purpose , so as the NRIs invest in India. To ensure that Buying & Managing properties never becomes a challenge.

Procuring, safeguarding, maintenance and preserving, on time payment of taxes and legal levies, renting, selling and obtaining timely updates on those properties becomes a complicated task taking care of your business commitments, employment commitments, or day to day responsibilities. Hence every NRI or HNI client is in a look out for a professional body or team to handle the property grievances and take care of the following effectively and efficiently leading to least involvement for them in the following.

As an Integrated service provider at JKN Integrated services our dedicated expert professional consultant’s with in-depth understanding of the real estate markets with years of maintained relationships with local municipalities and law enforcement establishments are professionally qualified to advice and take care of end to end activity involved in Real estate management.

NRI and HNI Property Management Services For

  • Tenant management/Vacating Inspection

  • Buying, Selling Assistance

  • Collection of Rent

  • Property Monitoring

  • Leasing, Renting assistance

  • Agreement Documentation Assistance

  • Utility Payment

  • Statutory Payment

  • Any other services involved in end to end property management services

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